Sensory Board


Here is another project that I completed for Christmas    Again, this was something that I had wanted to do for quite a while that I never got around to. I love that this blog is keeping me busy doing things that I always wanted to!

When I first set my sights on doing this I had a huge list of things that I wanted to put on the board, but then I thought that it would get far too expensive and it would also defeat the purpose and become too much of a sensory overload. Therefore, I thought quite a bit about what I really wanted to achieve with the board and decided on a few mechanical items and a few textural items. For the mechanical items he could play with, I decided to go with a chain lock, a Velcro patch, a light switch, a wheel, and a tiny “door” to open. For the textural items I attached a carpet sample, a wooden letter, and a couple embroidery hoops with minky and silk fabrics in them. Another item we put on was a small mirror so he can smile and make faces at himself. We searched for a while to find the right board to use for this project and finally came up with a wooden shelf that my husband had made a few years ago and never got put up. It ended up being the perfect size for the items we chose! We decided not to mount it on anything so if could be portable and we didn’t want the hazard of it tipping over if it were attached to an easel type setup.

My son loves playing with his board and his sister likes sitting next to him and helping him discover all the activities on it. The best part of this project was that the majority of the items were things we already had in the house, so it was definitely budget friendly!

Have a happy day!


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