Weekly Funnies

Weekly Funnies

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of things that I am either doing, thinking, or saying are things I never would have said or done before I had kids. Probably extremely comical to the outside ear, but none the less they are regular happenings in our house and many others (I hope) with children. With that being said, I’ve decided to start a weekly post listing my funniest moments of the week as a parent.

Let’s get started

  1. A microfiber couch cushion cover is indeed machine washable on the gentle cycle…….I won’t go into details here, let me just say Yuck.
  2. As I was trying on a recently purchased shirt, I walked out to the living room where my TWO year old daughter was watching TV and asked her in all seriousness if she thought it was cute….and I really did care and value her opinion on it.
  3. When you are trying to keep up with an almost one year old crawler and a potty training toddler the phrase “Do Not Touch Your Sister’s Pee!” will come out way more often than it should.

Please share with me some of the things that you have discovered/said/did that you never dreamed of before kids.

Hope you all have had a great weekend and as always have a happy day!!


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