DIY Everyday Car Kit


Hello Everyone!! I hope you all had as wonderful of a holiday season as we did! Now it is time to get back to reality and start the year off with a little more organization in our life.

I don’t know about you, but it seems that whenever I go somewhere I inevitably end up doing something or going somewhere that I am not necessarily ready for. Going out for a quick bite when my errands run into lunch time, going to the store when I’m on way my back to the house from somewhere, or if the weather turns a little different from when we go someplace to when we leave that place (I’m talking a few short hours here, and yes that happens often in Montana). Anyway, I thought I would put together a quick car kit in order to be prepared for when those moments arise in our lives. This car kit is basically things that I would need when I am running around town. If I was headed out of town this list would be greatly expanded, especially in the winter time.

I sat down and thought about some of the most common things that I often find unforeseen and forget about when I am headed out. Some of the items on this list are things that I would only use when I am out of the house, but I don’t always need them. Therefore, I think filling up my diaper bag with them is unnecessary, but I still want a go to place to keep them in the car when I am on the go.

These Items Include:

  • Table mat for the baby while we are eating out
  • Grocery cart cover for the baby
  • Blankets for both the kids
  • Baby carrier
  • Camera (an extra one that we had in the house just in case I leave mine home and we have an adorable, hang on to the memory moment)
  • Hats and Gloves (in the summer I will replace these items with swimsuits and towels)



I had an extra collapsible storage box that happened to be the perfect size to fit all of these items, but you could also use a milk crate, plastic tote, or just a regular box that might be lying around.

It fits great in the back of my vehicle and now I am ready for those occasions when we are out and I can’t seem to keep track of all those just in case items.

Have a Happy Day!